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Friday, May 15, 2009

True Story: Runaway Baby

There I was, walking down a busy street, when I see this 2 or 3 year old just kinda standing there. She was about 3 steps away from getting hit by a car. There was no parent in sight. She was carrying a red ball with yellow dots. It looked like a ball that would bounce if you gave it the chance. About 20 feet away was a mother with her 2 children watching and leaning towards, like she was about to take action. She yelled out "is that your child?", I shook my head in the manner that one would shake their head to say "no". I stood in the way of the little girl. She just smiled and turned another way.

There was a door to a nearby building that was propped open. Maybe the child came thru that door? I popped my head in and screamed "HELLO!"... no answer. Just then I see an elderly lady scoop the toddler up and run into a nearby drugstore. I run to the window and look in. The lady puts the little girl into a stroller. Her stroller. The lady continued to sample something at the make-up counter.

I'm assuming Grandma had baby on this day and that in a split second baby just sort-of shuffled out of sight.

She was only 3 steps away.


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