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Friday, April 24, 2009

I called 911 yesterday.

Quick story... So I'm at the dogpark yesterday and I see this lady fall to the ground. I run over and she says her hip and legs hurt. She can't get up and can't walk. Long story short, me and Christian pick her up (actually mostly Christian did the lifting) and sat her on a bench. She (who's name turns out to be Joan) did not want us to call the paramedics. She said "they have more important things to do." So I told her my friend was a paramedic and he lived up the street. She agreed. I called 911. She then said "I can't feel my legs." A little bit scary.

Turns out she was only doing a neighbour a favour by walking his dog. The dog was a pug named Sampson - who was clearly not trained or accustomed to dog parks.

So we walked Joan - who at this point was in a stretcher - to the ambulance and said our goodbyes. Joan was so sweet and I really hope it was nothing too serious.
I wonder if I'll ever know?


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