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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Martin Streek

Martin was a colleague and a friend.
We worked together for 6 years.
He was an amazing person.

I'd like to share this little ritual we had...

Sometime during summer, Martin would come into my office at the station. He'd shut the door and pull up a chair. He'd have this look in his eyes, like a little kid at Christmas. His energy was contagious. I knew what was about to happen...

He'd give me 3 hints on what his Halloween costume would be this year and I'd have a chance to guess what it is. His costumes were always so elaborate. Over the six years of trying to guess, I never even came close. (That's Martin above in his "Uncle Sam" costume.)

Fast Forward

I met with Martin a few weeks back to discuss 'what's next' for him. He had some amazing ideas. We were all pretty excited about a future that included working together once again.

This is a real shock. Martin will be missed by so many.
Prayers to his friends, family and fans.

below photo: